The Take Take Company was established since the 90s. We’ve been active since then by providing our society with fresh and high quality milk. We also have our own types of milk such as Organic and Lactose free milk.

Welcome to our store!

We’ve been working with the TAKE TAKE company,  since the 90s and we’ve always been providing our society with the highest quality of milk. We even create branches and branches to expand our company. In order to reach the maximum, we’ve decided to create a website  for an easier access to purchase our quality milk. 

Why choose us?

Studies have shown that it’s actually higher in antioxidant-rich, healthy omega-3 fatty acids than conventional milk. Plus, buying organic milk supports farmers who are producing milk without giving their cows antibiotics, which leads to drug-resistant bacteria.

We always fed our cows daily to ensure that they are fed enough to produce good quality milk.


Address 10 Von Nida Drv, Cranbourne North, VIC 3977